Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

about David DePhillips:

I found David to be very reliable, decisive , and with a style that was easy to follow and understand. He was a true consultant in the sense that he assessed our needs and acted as a guide through the maze of franchise options and downside pitfalls and developed an exit strategy to fit our goals.
Marci Packer, Owner; International Property Specialist.

David had expertise in all areas of our project and was enjoyable to work with. He was always available to us and his many real estate industry contacts enabled us to find solutions too many different needs.
Tom Kirby, President; Executive Training Institute.

David picked up on our needs/desires in short order to specialized services related to the paper industry. His approach to building business was unique as well as a cost saver to our firm. Although not yet a share holder, we consider him a chair on our board.
Jim Malone, Exec.VP. Tetra Tech Int.

David worked on our behalf and our financial investor’s partners. He led us through a series of investment positions related to the real estate franchise arena. His process of educating on all facets of the business models proved very profitable for our clients.
Gary Cersmon, Capital Choice LTD

David assisted me in every step of the way helping me discover if  I would be the right fit, in all the start-up logistics, in identifying financial sources, evaluating and identifying suppliers, and in the all important post sale follow ups to keep me focused and on track. David acted as my Consultant, Coach, and Mentor…: My advocate and even devils advocate, when necessary. If I had to be in a foxhole, I’d want David by my side.
Ron Chromey, Real Estate Broker /Owner RE/MAX County

From the first time we spoke, I found David to be incredibly knowledgeable and refreshingly honest and upfront. Over the next several weeks, as I furthered my interest in a franchise, I came to know David as a passionate professional who clearly displayed the highest levels of both personal and business integrity. David offered a wealth of pertinent franchise information while always remaining keenly concerned for me and my family’s best interests.
I ultimately did buy the franchise from David; our business relationship did not end, but rather continued to develop as I started to build my office. David’s almost daily contact with me for the better part of a full year was invaluable. I attribute a great deal of my office growth and success to David’s help, involvement, follow-up and never-ending support.
I highly recommend David DePhillips to any organization seeking a professional, passionate, extremely intelligent and diversely experienced addition to their team. David is goal oriented and results driven. He has the enviable ability to relate to and communicate with folks from all walks of life. David will be a valuable asset to any management group.
Paul E. Bocka, Pres.RE/MAX Advance

“I met Dave DePhillips at WJCT nearly 40 years ago. I watched him use his ingenuity, drive, and honor to gain skills and create opportunities as he moved to another TV station, then built his own company. In later years as a client, he was always innovative and a pleasure to be around.
In my decades in the industry, I have never known anyone more trustworthy, determined, and insightful. If you are looking for a pragmatic, resourceful, and dependable, partner for any venture, you will find David’s wit, intellect, and ethics to be among the rare and valuable.
If you want specifics, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Ray Hays,
PRC Digital Media”

David helped me with an analysis on the online real estate market and how to best structure valuations in the real estate franchise ownership. I found his insights and critical thinking to be very helpful. Great out of the box thinking.
Nisan Gamby Sierra VC Ventures

“I’ve known Dave for over 20 years. Even back then, before we met he had a stellar reputation around town for being a very creative person  who operates with integrity. I’ve been able to see this firsthand now on many occasions! It’s been a pleasure to know him over the years and I would recommend Dave’s work to anyone.”
Steve Vandergriff , Television Director/Copywriter , Redline Creative Media

“To whom it may concern, I gladly recommend David to anyone considering his services. In the time I worked with him I have found him to be a man of great integrity, very intelligent, fun to be with and a diligent worker. David is one of the smartest people I know. Move forward with him quickly!

Jim Walker, Coach & Consultant , JHWalker Consulting

worked directly with David at REMAX


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